Fall Break Baseball Camp 2015

Summer Camp June 1-20th

Light Reaction Training

Training Fast Feet



Quite simply, our focus is to develop or improve our local youth athletes into reaching their full potential in sports. Although we don’t necessarily train sport specific, we train individuals to be well rounded, balanced athletes that ultimately carry over to the playing field or court. free_trialOur number one focus is injury prevention. This begins with ensuring athletes are performing the proper movement patterns. I hate to say it, but many of our young athletes have already grooved a dysfunctional movement pattern that has them subject to serious injury. Consequently, this pattern has become natural, or normal to them.

A certified Functional Movement Systems coach performs a Functional Movement Screen on all incoming athletes. This is a movement test, not a performance test, to look for dysfunction in basic movement patterns. Although we train in many different modalities, the purpose is to be functional. This means it translates to better performance on the field or court. Much focus is employed in the following:

    • Mobility & Stability
    • Explosive Strength & Power
    • Speed & Agility
    • Footwork / Quickness
    • Improve Reaction & Response
    • Improve Decision Making & Sports Vision

There are no quick fixes. We employ a long-term athletic development model where progressions are dictated by each individual athlete. We set goals, have a purpose, & emphasize effort & discipline. We strive for each athlete to reach their individual athletic potential, while emphasizing teamwork, leadership, and having fun. Our model is:

“Jason Cronin is the epitome of hard work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice. I first met Jason when I was 14 years old. He was my select league baseball coach. What was evident when playing for Jason was that he didn’t just know a lot about baseball but he knew a lot about life. Jason is very educated on numerous topics in relation, knows a ton about other sports and how the body works in achieving whatever you are trying to accomplish. Jason is a selfless person who wants others to see and realize their own potential. He is diligent and a great listener. He is outstanding at implementing for you whatever program or goals you want to achieve athletically. I solely, among others, trust and know karney 3from the bottom of my heart, that Jason Cronin will not only help your son or daughter become a better athlete, he will more importantly help shape them individually to be the best person they can possibly be.” Best, Mike Karney

Fox Sports West Prep Zone—Game Analyst NFLPA/Player Mentor Consultant—West Coast Reg. www.mikekarney.com Twitter/@Karney44


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