Sometimes It’s Just About Hard Work

Like I have said many times; I have a purpose for most everything I do when it comes to coaching, setting up a program for the day, or just choosing what exercises I want to work with. Sometimes that purpose is just to sit back and let the kids work. Circuit strength training is really about the individual. You’re going to get out of it what you put into it. There is no question that you are going to get tired. There is no question that when you do get tired your form is going to break down. And there is no question that when you do get tired, it is easy to quit. As a coach who can sometimes be obsessed with wanting to see perfect form, a tight rigid body and set core, shoulders packed properly, and movement through the hips, it is sometimes necessary for me to justĀ  get away from the progressions and let the kids do work.

I know that there were a ton of flaws in the exercises performed, primarily when fatigue set in. I know that some of them aren’t quite strong enough to perform certain movements. But that is not always my intent. I wanted to see them work, and grind it out when they got tired. Not to mention, they are still going to benefit and get stronger from performing these exercises to the best of their ability and develop the ability to control their body. I was extremely proud to watch all 8 of these athletes, from age 6 to 13. Not only did not one ever quit, they all went as hard as they could. I saw a bunch of young boys with a work ethic. That is a quality, or a characteristic, that will stay with them as they continue to grow throughout their life. They were all very positive, energetic, motivating, and had a fun time.

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