The Significance of Reaction & Response Time

In sports, reaction time is the time it takes an athlete to recognize a certain development, or information. Response time is the time it takes for the athlete to process, decide, and then complete the action. You can be a very fast athlete, but if you are not reacting & responding quickly, that speed becomes void. Reaction time can be improved through external recognition drills and practicing predetermined responses to external cues.

Reaction Time vs. Response Time


  1. Reaction Time—the amount of time it takes an athlete to process the external stimuli and initiate a physical response.

  2. Response Time—the amount of time it takes to process the external stimuli, decide on the appropriate response, & actually complete the physical response.

It’s important to move properly because we want to focus on reaction, not moving properly.

The FitLight Trainer is a wireless light system designed to:

Improve decision making

  • Improve peripheral / sports vision
  • Enhance quicker react & response times
  • Improve coordination & depth perception
  • Improve our neurological sensory motor (instincts)

And it’s fun too!



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