Athletic Revolution Queen Creek Videos

Summer Camp – June 2014


Sandbag Cleans + Reaction & Response Lateral Movements

Kadin performs a set of explosive sandbag cleans, followed by a reactionary agility movement. With the cleans, we focus on exploding through the hips. Kadin does a nice job of maintaining a tight core with a neutral spine and exploding off the floor. His knees also track to the outside. This is very similar to the Olympic Clean, so basically he’s a 7th grader performing Olympic lifts. He immediately goes into an agility movement where we want him staying low, finding the right angle, and pushing off the ground. This is a very taxing sequence.

Reaction & Response: Lateral Movement w/ Jumps

We want Eli to move his feet into position where he jumps off both feet & to jump vertical. The drill was too long, as you see he gets a little tired and no longer has crisp movements.



Hoop Strength A great way to increase first step explosive power and jump power for basketball players is to utilize the bands. The resistance also helps teach body control and awareness.

Deadlifting & Box Jumps w/ Med Ball