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sports-nutrition-001Although this nutrition information is primarily intended for young athletes, it also pertains to adults.¬† “Diet” does not mean restrictive, rather it means what you put into your body, and¬†should be a part of your healthy lifestyle, not a temporary fix.

I encourage all athletes and parents to read the Nutrition 101 Series. All comments, questions, insight, and disagreements are welcome, and encouraged.

If you would like to add any information, it would be outstanding. I would be more than happy to post any articles written.

Nutrition 101 Series

1  What's Out There?
2  Fast Food Industry
3  Hormones & Energy Levels
4  What Not to Eat
5  What to Eat

6  Important Points
7  Optimal Eating Blueprint

Supplement Series

1  To Take or Not to Take
2  Best Supplements for Athletic Performance
3  My Supplement Recommendations
4  Supplement Products That I Use and Recommend

Nutrient Timing for Optimal Performance
Post-Workout Supplementation

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