Our Program


We break our athletes into groups by age, however, there can be exceptions. The bottom line is what is best for each individual athlete.

The primary emphasis remains the same: Focus on what we do – perform it fast – and have fun.

We hold our athletes to the standard of having a positive attitude, encouraging and respecting others, while working hard.

Discovery (Ages 6-9)—We expose our young athletes to as many different movements as possible, then reinforce those movements through game play.  Children instinctively know how to move. They just need to be exposed to it in order to figure out how to do it effectively. We let them discover all sorts of movement through repetitive drills and competitive games.  We also focus on functional bodyweight strength training and plyometric strength training.

Exploration (Ages 10-13)—This is the age where kids compensatory movement patters have been altered as a result of trying to compensate for weakness or imbalances. Often these faulty movement patterns become normal. Although we utilize the principle of ‘Outcome-Based Coaching’, where athletes learn through an experimental and self-discovery based means, we emphasize proper execution of proper movement patterns. In addition to speed and multi-directional movement patterns, we focus on gaining mobility and stability, and relative strength, coordinated with competitive game play.

Transformation (Ages 14+)—Using form-based coaching, we train with purpose and direction. There is a high level of instruction, and technical application is detailed and constant. In order to get better at something, we sometimes need to know the why and how.  Once an athlete has shown adequate mobility and stability, and the ability to move properly, we advance or progress them immediately.