Post-Workout Supplementation

enduroxWe provide our athletes with a post workout drink. Immediately at the conclusion of their workout, they will be encouraged to drink a high quality post workout drink by Pacific Health. It is by far the most effective post workout supplement on the market, as well as the only one that I have been able to find that fall within the parameters of the Nutrient Timing research.

I want parents and athletes to be assured that their young athletes are receiving the critical nutrients during that 45 minute window after training. This is a crucial period for the regenerative process, and it relieves the parents from having to worry about what to refuel their athletes with immediately after training. After consuming their post workout drinks, parents and athletes have a 60-90 minute grace period to prepare for their next meal.

Immediately after training it is common to not be in the mood to eat food. Not only does a liquid supplement post workout drink absorb much quicker than actual food, it is far more convenient, and much lighter on the stomach and digestive system.


acceleradeBased on the scientific research of Nutrient Timing, the following is my recommendation for post workout supplementation:

In my article Nutrient Timing, based on scientific research I briefly explained why the Anabolic Phase is crucial, referring to the 45 minute window following a workout. If you are able to deliver the right nutrient mixture to the muscles at the right time, you can greatly enhance recovery from exercise and improve muscle growth, strength, and power.

Normally we do not want to raise our insulin levels, which is why eating sugar and other high-glycemic carbs throughout the day is bad.  However, consuming a high-glycemic carbohydrate and protein supplement during and immediately (within 45 minutes ) after a workout, will stimulate insulin and increase blood cortisol levels which combined with protein will result in a greater synthesis of new protein. In other words, adding the high glycemic carbohydrates will prime the body to accept the nutrients from protein and put the body into an anabolic state for the Growth Phase.  Insulin increases net muscle protein by increasing amino acid transport into the muscle cell, by increasing protein synthesis and by reducing protein breakdown.

During the Anabolic Phase, or within 45 minutes of finishing a workout,  a supplement made up of high-glycemic carbohydrate and protein should be consumed. This should be a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein and should contain approximately 15 g of protein and 45 grams of carbohydrate. Other important drink substances include leucine (for protein synthesis), glutamine (for immune system function), and antioxidant Vitamins C and E.

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