The Downside of Drinking Soda Pop

Is Drinking Soda Pop Harming Our Kids?
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I preach that an optimal hormone balance is essential for both adults and children to reach their full potential. I am not an alarmist that says drinking soda is going to ruin your child for life. But soda has a ridiculous amount of sugar in it, which raises insulin, which in turn effects are ability to handle stress, which in turn effects …..

Ten Reasons to Avoid Drinking Soda

The average American drinks approximately 56 GALLONS of soda a year. Some people even admit to drinking more soda than water each day, or no water at all. Soft drinks are a multi-billion dollar product, and they account for a quarter of all drinks consumed in the United States. With Americans consuming this large amount of soft drinks each year, it becomes important to evaluate how soft drinks can influence a person’s health. With a little research, it becomes clear that even moderate consumption of soda can be dangerous. Read more

Soda Drinking Tied to Kids’ Behavior Problems: Study

(Reuters Health) – Children who drink soda tend to score slightly higher on scales that measure aggressive behavior than kids who don’t drink the carbonated beverages, according to a new study. Read more

Soda Contributes to Behavior Problems Among Young Children

Sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the major culprits in the obesity epidemic, but sodas have also been connected to behavioral problems among teens. That link apparently extends to young kids as well. Read more

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