The Link Between Behavior and Hormones

Appleton Central High School is an alternative school for troubled students with behavior and truancy problems. In the late 1990’s, the school was notorious for having rebellious students with weapons violations. They turned its lunch program over to a natural foods company. They served food that was: low fat, low sugar, free of dyes and preservatives, non-chemically processed, no beef, not fried or opened from a can or a box. Instead, they served lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and entrees free of additives and chemicals. The school also got rid of candy and soda machines and replaced them with water.

The result was a total change in the students and the environment within the school. According to the principal, the students became calm, well behaved, and the daily discipline issues were no longer an issue. You can watch a pretty good documentary on this below.

I believe this is a complete hormonal issue. The food does not miraculously make out of control kids well behaved. What the food does, though, is help balance out the hormonal imbalance within a troubled kid. And I would argue that a troubled or rebellious kid has some hormonal issues. There is a reason that they are acting out. They are subject to the cycle of one negative thing leading to more negative things and thus spiraling downward. It always starts with addressing the hormones.

On a side note: the food program instituted by Appleton High cost about the same as any traditional food program across the country. I am not sure whether or not this is considered to be a part of the federal school lunch program. Regardless, the common sense question is why aren’t all school districts going to an all natural food program? The answer lies in union contracts, government subsidies, and profit. We know that despite what we are told, the children’s best interest does not compete with political interests and profits that districts receive from selling the garbage.

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