Tips to Boost Your Healthy Fat Intake

We all know the consumption of too much fat leads to excess body weight and various health issues. But it is important to know that not all types of fat are bad and some are actually vital to our health. Athletes engaged in endurance sports need higher levels of healthy fat consumption to provide staying power. Healthy fats play a key role in fighting off fatigue and staying on top of your mental game.

Here’s how you can make healthy choices by replacing bad fats with good ones.

  • Eat two servings of fish or shellfish a week.
  • Use cooking methods like baking, broiling, and steaming.
  • If you don’t like fish, include as many plant-based sources of omega-3’s in your diet daily….one easy way is to put two tablespoons of ground flaxseed in your favorite foods. Flax seed oil can be used on soups and salads; however, it is not heat stable for cooking. You can take a high-quality fish oil supplement daily to help meet your needs, but food is always the best bet over any supplement.
  • Use raw nuts, avocadoes, olive or canola oil, fatty fish, and flax seed and/or oil.

Personally, I cook with coconut oil, and use olive oil for dressings. In other words, I don’t heat olive oil as this causes the beneficial compounds to break down and it loses its effectiveness.

I always leave a variety of nuts out for snacks.

One of the supplements I do recommend is a liquid EFA. One teaspoon can give you 14 grams of the good fat that is sometimes difficult to get in your diet. It doesn’t have any taste and you can sneak it into the kids drinks without them knowing sometimes.

And I really do try to eat fish a minimum of two times a week. My son likes it and he will actually eat it, so it’s a definite. I usually cook salmon, but will on occasion get other fishes. I look for sales and sometimes you can find some good deals.

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